Birth Photography / West London

Hello? Is this thing working? After a very busy 2015 filled with weddings, more weddings, some IT and email issues and a few more weddings, I’ve not had much of an opportunity to update my blog. So rather than do the sensible thing and make a start on the backlog of wedding posts, I thought I’d begin by posting a few images from a birth story I photographed recently.

Having waited patiently for a few weeks I finally got the call to say Asia’s waters had broken at 2am on a Wednesday in November. I made the 2 (and a bit) hour journey down to West London immediately arriving at 4.30am, and Franciszek was born just after 6am! So a completely different experience to my last birth shoot. Home rather than hospital, pool rather than bed, a much darker room and a way, way quicker birth.

Still a powerful and emotional experience though, and it’s fantastic to give Asia and Jonathan (and Franciszek) a few moving images of such a huge moment in their lives. Enjoy.

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