Franciszek’s Home Birth Photography

Home Birth Photography in London

After a very busy 2015 filled with weddings, more weddings, some IT and email issues and a few more weddings, I’ve not had much of an opportunity to update my blog. So rather than do the sensible thing and make a start on the backlog of wedding posts, I thought I’d begin by posting a few images from a home birth photography story I captured recently.

Having waited patiently for a few weeks I finally got the call to say Asia’s waters had broken at 2am on a Wednesday in November. I made the 2 (and a bit) hour journey down to West London immediately, arriving at 4.30am. Despite her calm appearance, it was clear that the moment of truth wasn’t far off. Asia got comfortable in her birthing pool, and Franciszek was born less than an hour later, just after 6am! So a completely different experience to my last birth shoot. Home rather than hospital, pool rather than bed, a much darker room and a way, way quicker birth.

Still a powerful and emotional experience though, and it’s fantastic to give Asia and Jonathan (and Franciszek) a few moving images of such a huge moment in their lives. Enjoy.

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