Martha Drake

Birth Photography / Royal Derby Hospital

I was honoured to be commissioned for a third birth photography assignment in January. I photographed Helen & Ash’s wedding in Derby in 2014, and I was over the moon when they asked me to capture the next huge moment in their life together. They had kept themselves in the dark regarding the sex of the baby, but (convinced it was going to be a boy) the bump was christened Drake.

48 hours of labour meant that I spent a bit of time with mum and dad at their home in the early stages, and then after a restless night (for them, not me) I rejoined them at the labour ward the next morning. Things continued to progress quite slowly, and Helen ended up in theatre for some help delivering. This was a new experience for me, and I had to hand over a camera to Ash to finish the job as I couldn’t join them. Luckily he knows his way around a Nikon DSLR and he managed to fill the gap in my coverage successfully!

With a little help from the forceps Martha Drake arrived safe and sound, and I was shortly able to rejoin the now larger family in recovery for a few shots before I left them to master parenthood.

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