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Reportage Wedding Photographer Mark Wallis

Hello, I'm Mark.

– I’ve been a full-time professional photographer for 17 years, shooting weddings, events and other documentary projects all over the UK. One of my favourite jobs is photographing births. Yes, actual births!

– I’m father to Mabel & Eric. Mabel (13) is a budding pianist, guitarist, and any other -ist she can get her hands on. She’s also been tasked with showing me the ropes on TikTok having already had 22k views of one of her posts. Eric (9) is a leading authority on the TV shows Friends and The Big Bang Theory, and the natural successor to David Attenborough.

– After leaving university with a graphic design degree I spent nine years working in London, designing everything from websites for Pot Noodle to books for the Art Directors Club of Europe

– I love cheese (mine’s a Montagnolo Affine if you’re buying), but I’m lactose intolerant

– I’ve liked my music very loud since before I was a teen, and I used to have hair down to my waistband. I normally attend 20-30 gigs a year. Highlights of 2022 were Turnstile, Nova Twins, Knocked Loose, Ghost and Clutch. Got Gojira, Hellfest and Rammstein (in Berlin!) to look forward to in 2023. 

– I once arm-wrestled former World’s Strongest Man, Geoff Capes (Google him if you’re under 40)

Am I the wedding photographer for you?

I have photographed over 400 weddings and I’ve worked in almost every county in England, and occasionally further afield. I have photographed big weddings and small weddings. Grand weddings at stately homes and simple weddings in parents’ back gardens. Rural weddings and urban weddings. Church ceremonies, civil ceremonies and humanist ceremonies. English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Indian and French weddings.

I’m not into artificial lighting, staging or posing. I like reality. Spontaneous moments, frozen in an image, to be enjoyed forever. I’m not interested in wacky techniques and I also don’t need to spend quality time with your shoes. I produce natural and honest storytelling wedding images with true-to-life colour and neutral black and whites that will look as great in 50 years time as they do now.

I shot my first wedding this way back in 2003, and this has been my approach ever since.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and read, then it would be a privilege to photograph your wedding. Please get in touch to check my availability for your date.

Award-Winning Wedding Photography

My work has been recognised repeatedly over the years by the Wedding Photojournalist Association, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and Fearless Photographers, amongst others. Furthermore I have been a judge for Fearless and the ISPWP, and have judged the photography category of The Wedding Industry Awards since 2015.

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