DIY Wedding in Devon

With extra holidays for the Diamond Jubilee, the first week of June was always going to be busy. I was facing five weddings in nine days, all as different as the next.

First up was Row and Mark’s DIY wedding at Row’s family home in Devon. I’ve done a lot of DIY weddings in my time, but this is the first one I’ve seen with no caterers. Row’s mum even found time to make the wedding dress. The family pulled together in grand style to host one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended.

I could waffle on forever about what was involved, but it might be easier to write a list: hair flowers from the garden, ceremony at St Petroc’s in Lydford, Mark’s hand-built Mustang as the wedding car, afternoon tea, rain, dogs running amok, marquee repairs, rain, Gran’s wedding cake, cake-cutting by sword, cross-dressing guests, rain, one of the family pigs on the hog roast, bubbles, polaroids, rain, fire, smoke-machine (yay!) and more fire. And some more rain. And NO group shots.

If Carlsberg made weddings…

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