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Proposal Photography / Abbey Road Crossing, London

In September I had a secret mission, to carry out marriage proposal photography. Mandy contacted me from her home in Hawaii, and asked if I would meet her and her girlfriend Kaliko (a huge Beatles fan) at the famous Abbey Road Crossing in West London. They were visiting friends on holiday, and the three of them tricked Kaliko into a Sunday morning excursion with an agenda. Mandy had a plan to drop to one knee and pop the question right in the middle of the crossing! I was to capture it all without Kaliko getting wind, and it was one of the most nerve-wracking jobs I have ever carried out.

Luckily a passing tourist stepped in to take the posed snap that would get the ball rolling, and I managed to finish the job without getting flattened by a passing car. Best of luck to Mandy and Kaliko with the rest of their engagement, and may they have a great wedding day.

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