Town Hall Hotel

Hayley + Dan

Hayley + Dan

A wedding at Hackney City Farm in London’s East End

Emma + Paul

Last wedding of the year, and my third trip to one of my favourite venues, Town Hall Hotel in East London. Emma and Paul were hoping for snow to complete the Christmas card scene started by their horse and carriage, but it wasn’t to be. Emma took a ride around...

Rajinder + Paul

The second of my three visits to Town Hall Hotel in 2011, and what a lovely venue it is too. For the uninitiated, they took derelict and abandoned Bethnal Green Town Hall and converted it into a fantastic hotel, chock full of art and cool mid-century designer...

Heidi + Steve

Heidi and Steve had a very personal and low-key wedding, which featured my first wedding breakfast before the wedding itself! After getting ready together with their young son they headed down the road to trendy east London venue Bistrotheque for a meal with their...