Lots of familiar faces at Sarah and Karl’s wedding, as Karl was best man for Sam at his wedding to Andi back in July 2011. It also involved a return trip to St. John’s church in Woodbridge, with a ceremony once again performed by Sam’s dad.

After that we relocated to Otley Hall, the couple doing so in a friend’s Aston Martin, for the usual receptiony-stuff. First Pimms of the year was spotted, and after a hearty tagine and some speeches it was time for the dancing. I alluded to this in my last post, but after a minute or so of sloppy slow-dancing on their own, things took a decidedly more raucous turn with a very well rehearsed medley of dances performed by a sneaky team of bridesmaids and wedding guests. And things got gradually more and more energetic from that point onwards!