Gayle and Mario’s families didn’t exactly meet halfway between their respective homes of northern Scotland and Australia, but the welcome return for me to the hidden gem that is Tone Dale House in Somerset certainly felt a world away from either. My fantastic run of great autumn weather made for the perfect conditions for a wedding, and it’s a wonder so many people get married in the now very wet months of May, June and July!

There were a few Scottish highlights on show today, including tartan in the bouquet, a few kilts, the bride being piped into the ceremony, and the couple drinking tea from a quaich (a Celtic pewter cup). The only Australian thing I spotted was a jar of Vegemite in the kitchen!

We also had a performance from Mario’s nephew on the guitar, Gayle’s sister-in-law attending via Facetime, and a few male guests with little (or no) cooking experience in charge of carving the main course. All of this topped off with some ceilidh dancing to end the night.