After driving back across London, through rain that almost required us to row the bus to Great Fosters, there were a few surprises in store at Fliss & Zac’s reception. The first of these was for Zac who was about to find himself the proud owner of a very nice replica sports car courtesy of Fliss. Lots of jealous mumbling from the male guests circling the car!

After a few more groups by HELLO! magazine’s photographer, including an interesting use of some medal-winning oars, it was Zac’s turn to produce a gift. Another method of transport, but with less horsepower. And there was much sobbing.

With gifts out of the way the reception continued with more posing duties for the happy couple whilst the guests enjoyed afternoon tea, and then everyone was ushered into the barn for speeches and the wedding breakfast. With the tables cleared and the band ready to go, it was then time for the first dance. Amazingly, given the training schedule that had only recently come to an end, Zac and Fliss had managed to squeeze in a dancing lesson so no shifting weight here. From that point onward the dancefloor was pretty much full all night, and for some reason things got extra rowdy when the band played the theme from Baywatch. So much so that the band played it again as their encore!

Then it was time for Zac & Fliss to make their exit, through a cloud of lavender confetti, and off (to the car park) astride Zac’s new wheels. But, that’s not my brush with the Olympics (and Olympians) over and done with. Stay tuned for more at Christmas!