In my time I’ve shot brides and grooms of many different nationalities, and they all bring their own little customs and differences from their homeland to their weddings in the UK. Now I can add Lithuanian to that list.

Given the setting, this was of course a classic English wedding at heart, but Milda’s family and bridesmaids made sure that her roots were not ignored. So, we had a Lithuanian choir in St. James’ Church in Southwick for the ceremony, and some unexpected games and challenges for Milda & Ross to complete during the reception courtesy of Milda’s bridesmaids. Vodka shots were the order of the day for the father-of-the-bride’s toast, and Ross’ family embraced some Baltic tradition with the handing over of an engraved padlock to attach to a bridge in Vilnius and the payment of the agreed fee of a box of cigarettes for Milda’s hand!

We were also treated to traditional Lithuanian music and some rather chaotic dancing once Milda & Ross had completed their rather elaborate, and meticulously rehearsed, first dance.

Next up, a French wedding!