Rosie and Simon’s Wedding at Pavillon St Lambert

Pavillon St Lambert Wedding Photography in Provence, France

If you believe in that sort of thing, it’s often said to be lucky for it to rain on your wedding day. However, when you are having a wedding in the Luberon in Provence in early September, it is pretty unlucky for it to rain for most of the day. This is exactly what Rosie and Simon were confronted with for their wedding at Pavillon St Lambert. It was only the second time in ten years that their wedding planner Elodie Villemus had seen such an occurrence!

Luckily, they had paid attention to the forecast and made some adjustments. They bought huge sheets of plastic to cover the open sides of their dining area. They also hired patio heaters to make sure everyone didn’t freeze to death as the lack of sun brought the temperature down below those expected in the UK. Of course the weather wouldn’t be allowed to hold up proceedings, so preparations continued apace inside Pavillon St Lambert.

Meanwhile, the groom and the guests gathered down the road in the beautiful hilltop village of Roussillon. Although Rosie’s mother is a vicar, they had chosen a local ex-pat vicar to conduct the ceremony at Saint Michel Church. The church came with its own permanent residents in the form of a swallow’s nest on the ceiling. They added some unexpected noise, and more than a little jeopardy for the guests as they dodged falling gifts! The rain became less torrential as Rosie arrived at church, and had almost stopped completely by the time the couple left under a shower of lavender.

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