Birth Photography

A special moment in the lives of all three of you

When I was contacted in early 2015 by former wedding clients Jess & Simon to find out if I would attend the birth of their first child, I was briefly taken aback. At the birth of my own children I was tasked with taking photographs, but the experience of childbirth is an overwhelming one and I was too focussed on that to think about the camera!

After thinking about the request for a minute or two I realised how amazing it would be to capture such a momentous and emotional adventure. How fantastic it would be to deliver a record of this incredible moment to a new family whose only memory of it is a blur. I immediately signed up. A couple of weeks later I found myself in the midwife-led birth unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, and 13 hours later Eliana arrived. Click ‘play’ on the video below to see what happened.

Since that day I have photographed two more births including a late night home birth in a pool, and one that ended in a trip to theatre. Each time has been a fantastic experience, with tons of raw emotion. I’m hooked!

Obviously I am predominantly a wedding photographer, which makes it fairly impossible to make myself available for birth photography for a large portion of the year. However, if you are due to give birth in the early or late months of the year and like the idea of a photographic record, do get in touch and we can discuss the logistics and details further.

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