Emily and Andrew’s Olde Bell Summer Wedding

The Olde Bell in Hurley is becoming a regular haunt for me, and I’m back again later in the year. It’s pretty dark in the barn, so a bit of a challenge even in the middle of summer, but the rain was infrequent and light enough to allow plenty of outside time.

Another couple that had planned their wedding from afar, Emily and Andrew travelled from their home in Denmark to celebrate their marriage. Not much Danish about their wedding though as Andrew is British and Emily and her family and bridesmaids are from the USA. The one Scandinavian wedding feature that did appear was the bride and groom being encouraged to kiss at regular intervals by the guests, but who doesn’t enjoy forcing people into public displays of affection?!

Later in the day we had a very emotional speech from Andrew, cake-feeding at the cake-cutting and the usual chaos and carnage that results from a ceilidh.

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